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Solar Finally Makes Sense for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Properties

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For years, solar installation for Apartments and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties has been a huge challenge. Tenant “churn” impacts usage predictability and optimization of system size, making financing these projects nearly impossible. And sizing of systems would have to be very small to limit excess PV generation.

Therefore, what’s in it for the property owner? If it’s not economically feasible and there’s little or no return, why install solar?

Holu Hou Energy’s HoluPower xP Energy Storage System with EnergyShare Technology is the answer. It is the smart solution for Apartment and Multi-Dwelling Unit owners.

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HoluPower xP Energy Storage System with EnergyShare Technology is the only technology that allows direct energy sharing between Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) residences.

Holu Hou Energy has completely changed the game for solar installation on MDU properties. We have solved a major technical challenge by creating a non-export system that maximizes generation with little or no loss to the grid. Unlike Community Solar or Virtual Net Metering programs, the HoluPower xP Storage System with EnergyShare Technology does not rely on a Utility or other 3rd Party intermediary to make it economically robust.

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Energy Sharing System

Case Study

PV Installation

Type: 164 Unit MDU Apartment Complex
Location: Sunnyvale, California

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A productivity powerhouse for MDU’s


Basically, EnergyShare enables surplus PV generation from a particular residential unit in a sharing “cluster” to be utilized in real time by other units in the “cluster” that have less PV energy than is required to support their energy demand. Even with a cluster of 4 to 6 units, between 35 – 75% of the total generated energy across all units is consumed by other units. That’s energy that would otherwise go out to the grid for very low net-metering compensation, or be curtailed in non-export locations. EnergyShare supercharges the efficiency of the generation.

How EnergyShare Works

6-Cluster example showing in real time the generated solar power imported from and exported to the other units in the Cluster during a 1-hour period

One Month of Real-World Data for a 6-Home Cluster

MDU Unit IDPV GenerationCustomer LoadHHE SuppliedUtility SupliedEnergyShare Export to Other Units
Cluster Unit #1242.682184.652879.7619.965317.8645
Cluster Unit #2402.5061562.6679442.9169136.4946177.7972
Cluster Unit #3262.3838463.6491428.780449.5015147.7826
Cluster Unit #4384.6003422.5233378.34747.7495268.6674
Cluster Unit #5304.3997173.9907123.417755.5595235.3862
Cluster Unit #6397.1016199.7998170.017630.683322.6528
Grand Total1993.67361907.28361620.2396339.95311470.1507

Configuration for Each Residence:

  • 3x HHE 16.4kWh ESS per Cluster
  • 1x 3.5kW PV per Home
  • Non-Export Permit
kWh% of Total Customer Load
Total Shared kWh from EnergyShare1485.1877.9%
Total kWh from Utility339.9517.8%
kWh Energy Exported to Utility0.000.00%
Total PV kWh Not Lost to Export @ $0.10/kWh1485.1874%

Very low-usage residences would have been impossible to economically configure for solar only or solar + storage without EnergyShare.

An incredible 78% of total energy for the units in the cluster is supplied by other units in the cluster with EnergyShare.

74% of the PV for the residences in the cluster would have been lost to utility ”curtailment” without EnergyShare.

Bankable and in Commercial Operation for 2 Years

HoluPower with EnergyShare has been in commercial operation for 2 Years for Multi-Dwelling Unit properties.

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