3 Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Solar panels are not high-maintenance devices, but it is still a good idea to keep up on general upkeep to make them long lasting.

If you’re considering installing solar panels, you’re likely wondering about their maintenance needs. The good news is that they require little in the way of ongoing upkeep. That said, a few occasional care practices will ensure you get the longest and most dependable life out of these devices. Here’s what to know.

A Brief Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance

1. Clean Them Twice a Year

Cleaning your panels every six months will keep them free of the dirt, dust, and pollen buildup that can prevent them from absorbing the fullest possible amount of solar energy. Rainfall will also help take care of such accumulation in between cleanings. However, you should plan for more heavy-duty washing twice a year.

A vigorous spray with a garden hose is often all you need for a good wipe-down. However, if there is any caked-on grime or staining, use a cleaning product designed for solar panels, which is less abrasive. Follow the label directions for application.

2. Trim Your Trees

The better access solar panels have to the sun, the more energy they can harness and the greater quantity of electricity they can generate. For this reason, keep tabs on the growth of the trees on your property. 

If branches impede the panels’ access to the sun, have them trimmed back. A landscaping professional can do this for you, and you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of a more visually appealing yard.

3. Monitor Your Energy Usage

Many solar manufacturers offer energy monitors that help you check the panels’ performance. Investing in one of these devices can save you considerable money and stress. The monitor displays immediate power output and daily and cumulative data. If you notice the panels’ performance waning, you can schedule professional repairs and prevent costly downtime and service interruptions.

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