5 Cool Facts About Solar Energy

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular, so here are some cool facts about these important technological features you should know.

Solar energy was once considered the wave of the future. Nowadays, homeowners and businesses use this abundant power source for various purposes. Because solar services are completely renewable, they help minimize carbon footprints and contribute to cleaner environments. Here are some cool facts about these important technological features you should know.

What Should You Know About Solar Energy?

1. Is Highly Economical

In the late 1970s, solar cells cost upwards of $80 per watt. Back then, adding them to any structure could prove an expensive investment. However, the costs declined due to advancements that made the technology more affordable to produce. In fact, the price of solar services decreased 89% in the last 10 years alone. The average solar cell is now a few cents per watt, creating a far more economical option for homeowners and business owners interested in sustainable energy sources.

2. Harnesses Plenty of Power

Because of the sun’s abundance, it’s easy to capture energy from its rays at a moment’s notice. For example, it takes only a few weeks to construct a functioning solar service plant that can provide energy to an entire island. Many buildings were efficiently restored with power via solar energy in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

3. Dates Back Centuries

While the dramatic interest in solar energy comes with a growing concern for the climate, the technology in its most primitive form was available about 2,700 years ago. As early as 700 B.C., glasses magnified by the sun’s rays were used to start fires. However, it was unknown that light could generate electricity until 1839, when scientist Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect when testing with electrodes.

4. Powers the International Space Station

NASA relies on solar arrays to convert the sun’s energy into the electricity needed to power its International Space Station. When the structure is near sunlight, the panels produce approximately 60% of the electricity used to power the batteries. Then, when it’s away from the sun, such as in the Earth’s shadow, the cells are strong enough to power the platform independently.

5. Was Predicted by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as a remarkable artist, but he also had a deep interest in science. He predicted that mirrors could potentially harness energy when burned by the sun. As a result, he created his very own solar system to heat water in Florence, Italy.

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