A Guide to Commercial Solar Panels

Residential homes aren't the only buildings that can benefit from using solar panels. Your commercial business can also use renewable energy.

Many think that alternative energy sources only apply to residential homes. However, businesses can also benefit from installing commercial solar panels. If you plan to switch to renewable energy for your company, here’s how and why to get started.

Why Consider Solar Panels?

Solar panels benefit your business’s budget, as they can reduce your utility costs exponentially. That means more of your profits go back into your business instead of being used to pay for electricity. They also require minimal servicing, so they don’t cost much to maintain.

Another perk of these renewable energy sources is that they decrease your company’s environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint. As a result, you can communicate to customers that you’re dedicated to upholding essential ideals and values.

Is Your Business a Good Candidate for Commercial Solar Power?

First, assess the space on top and around your commercial building. You’ll need extra room to accommodate the panels, either on the roof or on the ground.

Next, consider how much sunlight these areas get during the day to ensure optimal efficiency. Ideally, panels should face south for maximum sun exposure, but they can still be effective when facing east or west. 

How Many Panels Will You Need?

Every business is different, so you must consider a few factors when deciding how many panels to install. First, assess how much power your company uses daily. You’ll also need to determine your peak sunlight hours, which usually range from four to six hours per day. From there, a solar expert can help calculate how many panels will meet your business’s demands.

For example, a medium-sized company that uses 70-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day and receives five hours of peak sunlight will require about 15 kWh to cover its total energy needs. However, they also need to consider the energy loss that occurs during electricity conversion. In this case, because a single solar panel can produce 250 watts, you will probably need up to 70 panels to be completely independent of the energy grid.

When your business is ready for commercial solar power, Holu Hou Energy can help you get started. Based in Honolulu and serving customers throughout Hawaii, California, Texas, and Arizona, they will help plan your solar strategy for the best results. They also take the time to personalize their services for maximum cost savings and efficiency. Call (808) 371-7514 to speak with a team member today.