How Solar Benefits Homes vs. Businesses vs. Apartments

Technician performing maintenance check on rooftop solar panels
Your solar strategy will vary based on the building type you use. Homes, businesses, and apartments all need their own solar methods.

Sustainable energy through solar has nearly unlimited potential, and the size of the property does not stop that potential. Residential homes, multi-unit apartment complexes, and businesses alike can benefit from utilizing solar panels and battery systems like those Holu Hou Energy provides. Solar systems can power daily necessities, including water heaters, HVAC systems, appliances, lights, and more, no matter what property type they are used in. The strategies and logistics of solar across homes, businesses, and apartments can differ, however.  The primary distinction between the solar system used for different property types is scale. Residential solar setups are built to power individual homes, while businesses span larger spaces and more powerful equipment.  Apartment complexes have unique challenges for harnessing solar energy without waste.

Solar for Residential Properties

Residential solar is probably what comes to mind when you picture a solar setup. These systems are tailored to meet the energy needs of individual homes, which require much less energy production than a commercial or multi-dwelling space. Although powering many of the same types of appliances, residential solar systems differ in scale and placement. Home solar panels are typically installed on rooftops and offer more layout flexibility for aesthetic reasons and to better capture sunlight. Residential solar also satisfies some unique needs less common for commercial properties, including the ability to heat private swimming pools, charge electric vehicles at home, and employ specialty holiday or security lighting.

Residential Solar Benefits:

  • Utility Bills: Installing solar can save on utility bill costs since part of the home’s electricity is self-generated from the sun and stored with solar batteries.
  • Energy Independence: With solar, homeowners do not have to rely entirely on public power grids. Independence is beneficial in the event of a power outage, offering a backup solution for essentials.
  • Home Value: Having solar installed in your home can increase your property value and make your home stand out to potential buyers.
  • Location Options: Contrary to popular myths, solar can work in nearly any climate. All that is needed is enough daylight to capture sunlight. Solar is feasible for homeowners, even when they relocate.

Solar for Businesses

Commercial solar systems function very similarly to residential systems on a much larger scale. Systems designed to power larger properties or handle a more significant load have more PV cells. Commercial solar panels are able to produce several megawatts of power (vs. a few kilowatts in a residential property). Consequently, they are larger, take up more space, and have a higher cost. They can also be installed in a larger range of locations. Commercial solar panels are not just installed on rooftops but can have ground installation (sometimes known as “solar farms”) or in unique configurations, such as carports. Different installation methods face their own zoning regulations. Popular for yielding a fast return on investment, commercial solar panels satisfy unique needs such as managing power for industrial and multi-building properties.

Commercial Solar Benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Businesses looking to cut or reallocate costs may be attracted to the significant reduction in energy costs that commercial solar provides.
  • Customer Attraction: Environmentally conscious customers may be more likely to seek out businesses focusing on solar, as they are more likely to want to financially support companies that share their values.
  • Employee Retention: Similarly, employees looking to work in industries that make positive change will likely gravitate to businesses that utilize solar and similar eco-friendly operations.
  • Community Impact: By reducing reliance on conventional power sources, businesses contribute to a greener community and often provide job opportunities.

Solar for Apartments

Creating solar power and energy storage solutions for multi-dwelling unit properties is Holu Hou Energy’s specialty. Solar power for apartments poses unique challenges. It can be challenging to predict the usage of individual tenants, and differences in usage can cause waste. Specialized solutions like Holu Hou Energy’s HoluPower xP Energy Storage System with EnergyShare Technology are designed to address these complexities. EnergyShare Technology allows an entire complex to be powered with solar resulting in much less waste. Excess PV generation is eliminated through sharing between units in a cluster. A unit that produces excess solar energy can pass it to those that need more, creating a more balanced and efficient system.

Apartment Solar Benefits:

  • Attracting Renters: Apartments equipped with solar appeal to environmentally conscious renters or those looking to decrease their utility costs.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Apartment owners can decrease energy costs by adding solar power as a supplemental power source.
  • Increased Property Value: Solar installations contribute to a property’s value, which is useful when landlords want to sell their property.
  • Eco-Friendly Community: Solar power fosters a sense of environmental responsibility, benefiting the broader community while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Whether powering a cozy dwelling or an expansive commercial property, solar systems can be a powerful tool for sustainable and affordable energy. Despite differences in layout, size, and benefits, solar is diverse enough to be used in nearly any setting, especially as technology advances. Holu Hou Energy can help you evaluate your property and set you up with a solar panel and battery combination that allows you to make the most out of the sun’s natural power. Schedule a consultation with us today; we’d happily answer any further questions!