How to Avoid Solar Panel Scams

Solar panels are a booming market, but you can avoid costly scams and reliably power your house by keeping the following information in mind.

Installing solar panels is an exciting venture for your home’s efficiency and the planet’s health. Yet, the renewable energy industry is still developing, so it can be difficult for customers to know which company is legitimate. Fortunately, you can avoid costly scams and reliably power your house by keeping the following information in mind.

What Are Common Solar Panel Scams?

As with any industry, some people pose as legitimate and safe companies for solar panels. A particular set of characteristics will help you catch these suspicious individuals. If an alleged business utilizes high-pressure sales tactics, such as having you sign on the same day, they don’t have your best interest in mind. A legitimate company will give you the time, knowledge, and tools necessary to make an informed decision.

Scammers also spread half-truths to homeowners through phone calls, emails, or door-to-door salespeople. They’ll make big claims to get people to sign up, such as receiving large tax breaks or saving up to 70% on their energy bills.

Although solar panels can offer incentives and rebates, it depends on your state. These benefits often have time limits as well. You should also avoid businesses that start installation before a contract is signed, as this can lead to future legal problems.

How Do You Protect Yourself Against These Scams?

Researching prospective solar panel businesses will help you avoid scams. Compare quotes from different companies, take a clear look at any contract or paperwork, and ensure that no work begins until that paperwork is signed. 

You’ll also want to review your state’s incentives for switching to renewable energy and check that the business you work with can back up the claims they make. At the base level, trust your intuition, too. If something feels suspicious, it likely is.

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