Understanding Energy Management Systems

Learn more about energy management system integration with your solar panels & batteries to unlock greater control over the sun’s energy, saving you power & money.

What is an EMS?

In the excitement of setting up solar panels and batteries to power your home or business, it can be easy to lose track of what comes next and how to use the new energy you are generating in the best possible way. An energy management system (EMS) is an essential component of your solar power system – acting as a “brain” or “control panel” for your overall solar setup.  An energy management system is a tool to monitor and control how generated energy is used day to day. It fulfills two critical jobs: monitoring where and when power is utilized (including which appliances have the most significant pull) and controlling usage amounts. Energy management systems give you a clear look at your load, opening your eyes to the how and when of using solar power. 

Most systems comprise two parts – hardware and software. The hardware, or controller, communicates with the rest of the system, collecting operational data and sending it to cloud-based software. The software, usually in the form of an app for your phone or computer, shows how much energy is generated and consumed while also providing historical data.

Using an energy management system to stay on top of your system allows for an active approach to using green energy. When you add storage solutions to your solar panel system, a management system can significantly increase the value solar panels and batteries bring to your property. You can more efficiently optimize the performance of your solar panels and batteries and understand the amount of solar energy you produce.

What are the Benefits of an Energy Management System?

Implementing an energy management system for your solar power system gives you a snapshot of how all the system components work together, allowing you to use generated power wisely. With the power to optimize energy usage, you can reduce utility consumption and decrease the costs associated with purchasing power from the grid.

In particular, an EMS can help you ensure you are storing the right amount of surplus power in your solar batteries, allowing for successful powering of your property’s load in the evening, at night, or on cloudy days. In many cases, the cost of buying energy from the grid varies throughout the day. If you plan to power your house using energy from the grid when it is less expensive (“off-peak”) and pull energy from your solar batteries at times when the grid is more expensive and in demand (“on-peak”), the result is decreased utility bills alongside less consumption of fossil fuels. In the event of an emergency, when stored solar energy is all you have to rely on, you can use your EMS to be selective about which appliances pull power, allowing essentials like heating and cooling or refrigeration to continue to run.

Holu Hou Energy’s EMS Solution

Holu Hou Energy employs an integrated modular energy control platform called the “HoluPower Smart Panel” to give you real-time access to your HoluPower xP Energy Storage System. It’s our way of providing you with the key to your solar and energy storage, allowing for manual or automated management of supply and load.

Our state-of-the-art system can easily be integrated directly with our solar battery system or used as a standalone product to completely customize appliances’ operation. You’ll not only be able to see what appliances are high energy users, but you’ll also have the capacity to prioritize appliance operation during a power failure. Our controller can store data locally or send it to the “Holu-Cloud.” It also integrates with existing home wiring and installs in just a few hours, making adding and viewing information from your new monitoring system as easy as possible.

A Smart Energy home is within your grasp with Holu Hou Energy’s robust solutions. Contact us to learn more about the HoluPower Smart Panel monitoring system and battery storage solutions; we are happy to answer your questions!