What Are the Differences Between Solar Shingles & Panels?

If you're thinking of installing solar technology to your building, here's a guide to the differences between solar panels and solar shingles.

Solar panels have evolved to be more powerful and affordable since they were first introduced. However, because some individuals find them large and visually prominent, manufacturers have developed solar shingles that resemble other roofing products. Both devices power property in the same way, so if you’re thinking of installing solar technology for your building, here is a guide to the differences between these two options.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are large black devices that convert sunlight to collect energy and are often assembled in arrays that cover the entire roof. Because they’re mounted on brackets, their tilt can be adjusted to maximize capture. This allows the ability to power a property even if its roof is facing away from the sun. However, because of their size, some building owners find them to appear bulky.

This technology is highly efficient, as many models can turn up to 22% of the sunlight they capture into electricity. Modern manufacturing advancements have also brought the price down, as various options are available in the market.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are perfect for those interested in adopting technology with a more subtle appearance to maintain a building’s unique architecture. These systems are thin panels made to look like asphalt shingles. Because they don’t sit on brackets above the deck, they don’t alter the roofline of the building and aren’t visible from the ground.

Because solar shingles are a newer technology with fewer options to choose from, they are at a higher price point than their counterpart. However, this feature is faster and easier to install. An experienced team can set up the hardware in a few hours, while traditional solar panels may take several days.

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