What Impacts Solar Panel Efficiency?

Here are a few elements to keep in mind to ensure your solar panels are able to consistently keep your home powered.

As a homeowner, you likely installed a solar panel recently for its cost-effectiveness and clean power. While this renewable energy source can generate power in most weather conditions and spots, it needs the right conditions to work properly. Here are a few elements to keep in mind to ensure your new device keeps your home powered.

3 Factors That Affect How Efficient Solar Panels Are

1. Shade 

Installing solar panels on a roof often allows them to be away from most obstructions. However, they’re still not safe from trees or other large objects hanging above your home. These items block the devices from the sun, preventing them from soaking up enough ultraviolet (UV) rays. As a result, the panels generate less power. If you spot a tree obstructing these devices, have it removed or trim the nearby branches to allow sunlight through.

2. Cleanliness

Over time, items like leaves and dust can build up on the panels and prevent them from capturing sunlight. Periodic rainfall helps clean them, with the water washing away the dirt and debris as it slides down the angled surface. 

However, these devices still need regular maintenance. If you can see dirt, bird droppings, or other types of buildup on the panels, spray them with a hose or have them professionally cleaned. 

3. Angle

The angle and placement of your panels should direct them toward the sun as long as possible. In the northern hemisphere, install them along a south-facing roof for the best results. Keep them at a higher angle in the summer, as the sun spends more time overhead. Adjust them slightly in fall and winter to collect more rays as the sun rises and sets. 

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