What Solar Power Can Do: Unique Uses for The Power of the Sun

Electric car is charging in a car port that is powered by solar panels
Solar power solutions are not just for powering your home or business appliances. Learn more about innovations in solar for vehicles, apartments, and more.

When you picture a solar panel, you likely imagine it on the roof of your home or maybe in a field making up a solar farm. The use of solar energy, and accompanying solar batteries, are a great choice for powering appliances across your home. However, their potential extends past keeping your refrigerator, lights, or air conditioning and heating running. As solar energy grows in popularity, the uses for this powerful unlimited resource have grown as well. Chances are you’ve already used something solar-powered, such as the solar calculators you used in school. Innovations in the use of solar allow us to reduce our carbon footprints further and save money by utilizing an abundant resource. Some of the unique uses of solar power include solar vehicles, specialized solar appliances, and solar for apartments.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a popular choice for drivers looking to reduce their impact on the environment and save some money on gas bills. Eco-friendly and cost-saving practices can go even further by utilizing solar panels to charge your electric vehicle. A popular choice for both homeowners and businesses, your EV charging station can pull energy from solar batteries, just like the appliances inside your home. Owning a solar-powered vehicle charger not only reduces your dependence on gas for travel, but can slash your electricity bill as well. A popular option for businesses looking to install solar panels is to choose solar PV carports. These stations cover your parking area, allowing shade, access to natural charging, and added real estate for additional solar panels.


Many apartment owners consider solar to be out of the realm of possibility for their complexes. Different units use varied energy, making running them with solar energy unpredictable. Holu Hou Energy specializes in making apartment solar feasible through the HoluPower xP Energy Storage System with EnergyShare Technology. The EnergyShare technology allows for the sharing of energy between units in a “cluster,” meaning surplus PV can pass to a unit that utilizes more energy pull. This system makes apartment solar a reality, creating innovation in community-based solar and greater sustainability.

Solar Lights

Solar lights act as a miniature solar panel and battery in one. These devices have a solar cell to capture sunlight and store it. When it’s dark, the stored energy illuminates the light fixture. Solar lights are used outdoors, where they have direct access to sunlight. Popular uses include pathway lighting, lampposts, and security lights. In order to work properly, solar lights must have direct light and cannot be placed in locations with shade from trees or foliage.

Solar Bikes and Planes

Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly popular alternate mode of technology due to their ease of use and lack of gas. Solar bikes transform electric bikes into an even more sustainable travel option. Solar bikes utilize a solar battery which is recharged by the sun, powering the bike’s electric motor. Electric solar-powered bikes are an affordable option that allows users to ride faster and farther while using less electrical and physical energy.

In addition to solar bikes, advancements are being made in solar plane technology. Utilizing panels built on the roof or wing of the plane, solar planes also include battery storage for nighttime travel. Current solar plane models being tested have completed multi-stage flights, with one pilotless plane model expected to be able to fly for nearly three months straight. Tests have resulted in planes limited to only 50 miles per hour; however, these planes are just the first step in greener solutions for flight.

Solar Water Heaters

An appliance you may not consider being able to be solar-powered is your water heater. Solar water heaters can use the power of the sun to preheat water and store the heated water in an insulated tank. Solar water heaters are a particularly great option to lower the cost of heating your home or business’s pool water. Choosing to use solar energy to heat your water is a cost-effective alternative to more traditional water heaters, ultimately reducing water bills and your carbon footprint.

Portable Solar Power

Solar power systems don’t need to be contained to your property. Devices like portable chargers allow you to take solar on the go, especially when you are camping, hiking, or backpacking. Like solar-powered lights, a portable solar-power device contains both a miniature solar panel and battery storage capabilities. Portable solar is even being built into other gear, such as solar backpacks. Larger solar panels are available for RVs, campers, and cars, featuring fold-up or otherwise transportable panels that can connect to a generator. Portable solar panels are a great choice for expanding access to modern conveniences and increasing safety outdoors. The power of solar energy is nearly limitless, with increasing potential to utilize a sustainable energy source for everyday activities.

Whether you want to transform the way you travel or you are looking to decrease your electric bills, solar systems can be a resource for you. Holu Hou Energy is proud to offer solar panel and battery solutions for your home or business needs. We also work to be at the forefront of solar energy innovation. Contact us today to harness the power of the sun for yourself, helping to change the world.