How to Maintain & Upkeep Your Solar Batteries

Solar battery bank installed on side of single-family home
Preserve performance and lifespan by regularly maintaining and cleaning your lithium-ion solar batteries with the help of Holu Hou Energy’s team of experts.

Any time you add a new appliance or system to your home or business, you need to consider the maintenance involved. Solar battery systems are no different. Overall, solar battery maintenance is easy and doesn’t need to be performed often. At Holu Hou Energy, we use lithium-ion battery technology, which requires the least upkeep of all the battery types. It can still benefit you to keep an eye on and perform minor maintenance on your batteries to encourage longer lifespans for each battery and a system less likely to face interruption. Care for your system should also include other parts, including solar panel maintenance

The most important consideration for solar battery maintenance is the manufacturer’s recommendations. Discuss maintenance during your installation appointment, and don’t hesitate to contact Holu Hou Energy when you have questions. On a more regular basis, you can take a series of actions to keep your lithium-ion battery functioning well.

Safety Measures

Before you do any maintenance work on your solar battery (or any other part of your system), ensure the part is disconnected. You should always use gloves and eye protection when working on a battery. Batteries of any kind can pose a fire risk, so ensure you always have an extinguishing agent on hand near your batteries. 

Checking Charge Levels

Charge levels are a great indicator of battery health. Taking a State of Charge (SOC) reading can tell you if your batteries are holding a charge. SOC readings are simple checks that measure voltage, and they are done with a tool our experts can recommend. Solar batteries should reach a full SOC about every three weeks; however, you should be careful not to overcharge batteries. Overcharging can increase heat, causing damage and potential fire. It is also a good rule of thumb not to let your batteries completely drain; it can cause sulfation, which leads to battery failure. If you are storing a battery, it should be charged to at least 30-50% before being set aside. Holu Hou Energy’s batteries have safer lithium-ion chemistry, making them more resilient against overheating and overcharging.

Check for Damage

One of the best routine maintenance tasks a homeowner or business owner can perform is checking batteries for damage. A check can include:

  • Verifying the connections and cables are secure.
  • Tightening them.
  • Arranging for replacement if needed.

The battery terminals should also be checked to ensure they have not eroded. A great deal of damage can be assessed visually. If you can see wear and tear on your battery, contact Holu Hou Energy and do not use a damaged battery.


Solar batteries are often installed in a garage or on the side of your building in plain sight; cleaning them enhances them visually and can also help increase their lifespan. Always disconnect your battery before cleaning it. You should dust your batteries regularly and use a soft, wet cloth or brush to wipe down the outside case. Do not use stiff bristles or rough cleaning tools since they can leave abrasions. If your battery is particularly dirty, you can use a mixture of baking soda and distilled water to cut through rough grime. Make sure to dry the battery with a soft cloth if you have used water or a cleaning solution.

Installation Location

Holu Hou Energy’s expert installers will ensure your battery system is installed in a location that best suits their operation. Regardless, it is crucial to understand how location affects your batteries. Solar batteries are best kept cool; overheating can decrease their lifespan. Consider having batteries installed in a shaded area or inside your garage; otherwise, you may want to consider installing a cooling system to keep them from overheating. It is also recommended that batteries be kept away from excessive humidity and dust. Consider working away from your battery system, especially in an enclosed space like a garage.

Keep Your Solar Batteries in Great Condition with Holu Hou Energy

Although solar batteries are designed to last 15-20 years, neglecting maintenance can shorten their lifespan. The experts at Holu Hou Energy are your source for questions about your system. Likewise, the Holu Hou Energy Modular Energy Control Platform can offer insights into your system’s performance and may be a source to identify red flags and inefficiencies before they become more significant problems. Contact us today to get started on solar energy storage solutions for your home, business, or even apartment complex and to discuss how you can keep your batteries running efficiently for longer.