Is Solar Energy Right for Your Hotel?

A hotel on the Hawaiian beach with solar panels installed on top
Wondering if solar energy is right for your hotel project? Learn more about the benefits solar panels and energy storage can bring to your property with our experts.

The hospitality industry is constantly seeking ways to improve its sustainability and reduce overhead costs. Hotels in particular use considerably more energy than the average business, resulting in high energy bills that eat into your bottom line. If you’re a hotel owner, solar energy offers many of the same benefits for businesses as they do for residential projects, which outweigh the initial investment hurdle for many. With Holu Hou Energy, you can design the perfect configuration of solar panels and energy storage to get the most benefit out of your solar investment.

Benefits of Solar for Your Hotel

Solar energy and its use in a commercial setting with high energy demands, like hotels, offers a variety of benefits to you, your business, and your guests, including the following:

Reduced Energy Costs

Running a hotel requires a lot of energy between lighting for public areas, private rooms, and the back of the house, equipment usage, air conditioning, and more. Even empty rooms drive up energy use, costing you money with no return. By adding solar energy to your property, you offset the cost of your energy usage by generating some or even most of your energy demand yourself and save money on your bills.

Our fully integrated system also gives you better control of where to use the solar energy your panels generate. For example, studies estimate that heating and air conditioning usage alone make up about 70% – 90% of a hotel’s energy consumption. With our advanced HoluPower xP Energy Storage System and HoluPower Smart Panel, you can decide where to direct the solar energy your panels generate in real time, so you can devote your energy straight to your HVAC system without incurring additional costs on your energy bill.  

Competitive Differentiator

For many consumers and travelers, sustainability is more than a buzz word. More than two-thirds of consumers align themselves with brands that share their values on sustainability and eco-friendly operations, while over 70% of global travelers choose accommodations that implement clean energy practices. The integration of solar energy into your hotel shows these potential guests your dedication to renewable energy and increases your positive environmental reputation.

Similar hotelier projects feed the solar energy generated from their panels into the local grid and receive discounts on their energy used. With our solar energy storage solutions and better energy conversion efficiency, you can choose either a buy-back program or generate, store, and use the power you need in-house for increased reliability and control over your energy use.

Resilient Power Supply

No one appreciates a power outage, especially when you’ve got guests and a business to run. With the excess power from your solar panels stored in batteries, your hotel will be less dependent on the external electrical grid and less subject to power outages and energy price increases. In Hawaii, power is a particularly vulnerable resource between severe storms, scheduled or surprise outages, and HECO’s proposed power shutoff efforts. Our solar energy storage solutions add resiliency to your hotel and peace of mind for your guests, while also enabling you to continue business in the face of increasing power uncertainty.

Long-Term Return on Investment

The up-front investment of adding solar energy to your hospitality project can be a significant obstacle. However, the addition of solar panels and our HoluPower xP Energy Storage System will generate energy savings year over year that offset the initial cost in just a few years. The long lifespan of high-quality photovoltaic panels and our solar energy storage solutions also means your system won’t need replacements for years to come, especially with regular cleaning and maintenance

Solar panels also allow you to take advantage of unused spaces around your hotel, such as the roof, the tops of carports, and other areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Make those spaces work for you by adding solar panels and save money with the extra energy you generate!

Tax Incentives

In an effort to reduce our greenhouse gas output, the federal and Hawaiian governments offer a variety of incentives and rebates for adding renewable energy like solar to your new project or existing business. These incentives can make investing in solar energy even more attractive for hotels, reducing upfront costs and accelerating financial returns.

The experts at Holu Hou Energy also help you finance your new solar panel and energy storage system to make integration more attainable. We’ve successfully designed and implemented over 75 commercial solar projects and offer our knowledge of incentives, tax credits, power purchase agreements, and other financing options to get your new system ready to save you money.

Contact Holu Hou Energy to Plan Your Hotel’s Upgrade into Solar

The experts at Holu Hou Energy are here to help at every stage of your foray into solar, from planning the configuration that fits your needs to installing and optimizing. We’re Hawaii’s top choice for solar energy storage solutions and aim to create a sustainable future for your hotel project and the community as a whole. Contact us today to get started, whether your hotel is an existing or brand new project, and learn more about what solar energy can do for you.