3 Ways to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

If you plan to add solar panels to your home, make the most of your investment with the tips we provide here to enhance their efficiency.

For those who live in areas with plenty of natural light, installing a series of solar panels can limit their impact on the environment and save on monthly bills. While these devices will collect energy even when skies are overcast, there are ways to enhance their efficiency. If you plan to add them to your home, make the most of your investment with the tips below.

How to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

1. Keep Them Clean

Because solar panels are exposed to the open air, they frequently collect dust, dirt, and pollen throughout the day. Eventually, these substances can build up enough to interfere with the amount of sunlight the devices can gather. This issue then affects the energy production process.

Occasional rain showers normally wash away dust and dirt. During dry spells, use a brush mounted on a telescoping handle to dislodge leaves and other debris. Utilizing a garden hose will also help rinse the panel array to keep your system working at full capacity.

2. Install a Solar Power Concentrator

Solar power concentrators are devices that use lenses to focus sunlight onto the panels, similar to how a magnifying glass can concentrate sunlight on a single spot. This capability allows the appliances to gather large amounts of energy more quickly and efficiently. 

When concentrators are paired with a solar backup battery, they can provide your home with extensive energy reserves for use after sundown. This feature thus reduces your dependence on traditional energy supplies.

3. Use Solar Power During Peak Daylight Hours

Unless your home’s energy system is equipped with a backup battery or inverter, you won’t be able to use solar energy at night. Therefore, make the most of your panels during peak daylight hours to charge electronics and batteries and power energy-intensive appliances. During the warmer months, run the air conditioning off solar energy supplies and switch it off at night to conserve electricity.

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