An Introduction to Solar Battery Backups

Solar battery backups can further the use of your home solar panels. Rather than selling your excess energy, you can save it for later.

Many homes with solar systems operate their electrical appliances directly from the charge the panels generate. The power they don’t use gets sold back to the electric company and further reduces their utility bills. However, some homeowners utilize solar battery backups to collect and store the energy the system creates for later use. If you’re unfamiliar with these devices but plan to install solar panels, use the following to understand how they work.

What Are Solar Battery Backups?

These devices are rechargeable batteries that store energy harvested from the sun. They operate as a backup during situations that restrict solar panels from generating enough power. The two primary types are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

While lead-acid options are an older, reliable technology, they are big and heavy. Additionally, they require regular maintenance and have a shorter life span. However, many homeowners utilize them as they cost less than other alternatives. They are designed for a prolonged, deep discharge rather than a single large burst.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, more modern options that take up less space. Additionally, unlike lead-acid alternatives, no energy gets lost or wasted between charges and discharges. Finally, you can deplete the batteries fully before recharging without damaging them. In contrast, lead-acid products can only be drained to 50% to 80% without reducing their life span.

What Are the Benefits?

Solar storage provides a higher current intensity. As a result, it lets you run appliances with higher amperage requirements, like toasters, microwave ovens, and space heaters. Additionally, it ensures your system can operate at night or during power outages and spells of overcast or cloudy skies. It thus maximizes the amount of free power your household can use and minimizes your carbon footprint and electric utility costs.

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