What is Solar Storage?

Solar Storage System mounted on the exterior wall of a residential home.
Solar storage systems are a powerful tool to save money and store renewable solar energy for more flexible use.

Understanding Solar Storage Solutions and Its Benefits

Holu Hou Energy produces the area’s leading solar energy storage system and works alongside installers to provide solar systems across the island. Solar energy is an excellent option for homeowners, commercial property owners, and landlords, especially when they have a majority of days with sunshine. Our products include the HoluPower xP Energy Storage System, the HoluPower SmartPanel, and EnergyShare technology. This technology works in unison with solar panels, controllers, and inverters to power your home or business and store excess generated energy for later use. Holu Hou Energy strives to provide affordable and renewable solar energy to the Hawaii islands and the mainland. Contact us today for solutions for solar sharing and storage.

Solar Energy & Storage

Solar energy is a renewable energy source using photovoltaic (PV) cells, more familiarly known when connected as solar panels. The solar panels absorb solar radiation and convert it to energy. After flowing through the controller, the energy is sent to an inverter to be converted into electricity usable in homes or businesses. Solar batteries can store the excess energy produced. Think of solar storage like you would a rechargeable battery for your phone. Using solar energy and storing the excess has many benefits, including:

  • Energy access during outages (overly cloudy days, nighttime, power blackouts)
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Lowering your utility bills
  • Qualification for federal and state tax credits
  • Increasing home value
  • Quieter than a generator
  • Can be used to power external systems, such as electric vehicles
  • Solar panels and systems are easy to maintain, reliable, and long-lasting

Our Products

HoluPower xP Energy Storage System

The HoluPower xP Energy Storage System is a 3rd generation solar storage system, the only one of its kind in Hawaii. It features a safer lithium-ion battery which is more resilient than other battery models, meaning it is less likely to overheat or overcharge. This safety doesn’t come with a loss of power, though. The higher-power solar battery has the ability to operate home appliances even in the event of a storm or power outage. It also has better conversion efficiency that maximizes the power you collect from the sun.

The 3rd generation HoluPower xP Energy Storage System stands out for its ability for multiple systems to be connected. This connection allows for the support of more inverters and solar panels. Combined with the Holu Hou Energy Modular Energy Control platform, how you use your solar battery is able to be optimized, maximizing the energy you can store.

HoluPower SmartPanel

With or without solar capabilities, the HoluPower SmartPanel gives you remote access via an internet connection to monitor and manage your appliances, turning your property into a Smart Energy Home. The SmartPanel can be used alongside a solar battery to control how much energy you pull, and which devices use energy. You have the ability to choose what gets priority use of existing power in the event of an outage. It also means you can understand when to use high-energy appliances to avoid draining your solar battery or facing high time-of-use rates. Use the “HoluCloud” or view data locally anytime to make the most out of the solar energy you collect and lower your electricity bills.


Holu Hou Energy is dedicated to working towards the benefits of solar energy for homeowners, including saving money and transitioning to a more environmentally friendly energy solution. We have experience installing solar battery systems in many types of homes and put personalized care into each relationship we build. Holu Hou Energy will help you determine what configuration works best for your home, including how many solar panels, HoluPower xP Energy Storage Systems, and inverters will allow you to maximize the solar energy you use. We can also help you figure out if a HoluPower SmartPanel is right for you and how best to optimize it.

We understand the upfront cost of investing in solar energy is a barrier to many people. We offer financing alternatives, including 3rd party financing, leasing options, and cash purchase. We’ll also help you navigate federal, state, and local tax credits to offset the purchase of a solar battery or system by up to 65% or more. Some states have an additional credit specifically for the battery and we can help with the processing of this through the state or local agencies. Holu Hou Energy is also committed to bringing renewable energy to low-income families, and we have partnered with some local associations in helping to do so, and will continue to build relationships in this area.

If you live in a townhouse or condominium with an HOA, solar is an option for you as well. These types of properties can use EnergyShare technology to share solar power between units. The more of your neighbors use solar battery technology, the more you can save on utility bills. If you are a homeowner, you can get started with clean energy and lower your utility bills through Holu Hou Energy’s solar battery solutions today.

Apartment Owners

Holu Hou Energy’s EnergyShare Technology, when used alongside HoluPower xP Energy Storage, is the first of its kind to allow direct solar energy sharing between units in a multi-dwelling residence. EnergyShare limits excess solar power generation waste by sharing surplus photovoltaic (PV) solar energy. A unit not producing enough energy to meet its needs uses excess energy generated by another unit. This power-sharing means even with tenant turnover or residents that are very low-usage, solar energy can be an economical solution for power generation.

Property owners, builders, low-income housing authorities, and more can benefit from this viable approach to solar energy. EnergyShare will save money in the long run and, in some cases, attract tenants to a renewable housing situation. Holu Hou Energy has worked with multi-dwelling unit properties over the last two years to bring more efficient solar energy generation through HoluPower EnergyShare Technology. Reach out to Holu Hou Energy to be at the forefront of solar solutions for apartments.

Business Owners

Over 75 businesses already use Holu Hou Energy’s HoluPower Technology to save money and protect themselves against electricity cost increases. Our experience gives Holu Hou Energy unique insight into what configuration works best for different business types. We can look at just one year of utility bills to start you toward a solar energy solution. We offer financing options for business owners through power purchase agreements, allowing you to purchase solar energy while we own, install, and operate the system.

Take commercial solar one step further by installing customer-attracting solar-powered amenities. If you want to provide EV charging, we can help you install EV charging stations that run on solar power. Another popular option is Solar PV Carports, structures that offer more real estate for solar panels and provide shade to customers’ cars. Talk with a professional at Holu Hou Energy for solar solutions in your business.