3 Signs Your Home Is a Good Candidate for Solar Panels

Solar panels can be a great investment for your home under the right conditions. Learn what makes a house a good candidate today.

Due to their eco-friendly nature and the potential savings they offer, solar panels are popular with homeowners. However, if you’re considering switching to renewable energy, it can be challenging to determine whether your property can accommodate these devices. Here are a few factors that will help guide your decision.

How to Know if Solar Panels Will Work With Your Home

1. Plenty of Direct Sunlight

Panels function most efficiently when they receive direct light from the sun. A roof facing south typically yields the best results, while one facing east or west is less effective. A surface in the shade for several hours daily due to obstructing trees or buildings can also perform poorly.

When considering solar panel installation, check whether the roof receives bright sunlight in clear weather for most of the day. If so, the devices will be well-positioned to capture energy from the sun, allowing them to lower your energy expenses.

2. Low Precipitation Levels

A home that receives heavy rain over long periods usually does not get enough sunlight for panels to perform efficiently. Although the devices will still capture some rays, their energy production will be limited.

Climates with annual levels of low to moderate precipitation provide the ideal environment to benefit from the panels. For the days when it rains, a solar battery backup can help power your home.

3. Durable Roofing Materials

Asphalt or composite shingle, standing seam metal, or concrete tile roofing provides a strong, durable place to support solar panels. Although these are the ideal materials, you can still benefit from renewable energy technology if the surface consists of clay and mortar, slate tile, wood shake, and composite metal or stone-coated steel. Installers with expertise in mounting panels to these types of roofs know the proper mounting methods and hardware necessary for the specific job.

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